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Have you ever thought of gifting something totally out of the box to someone? Have you been thinking of a unique gift for a woman you know? Do you want to gift “safety” to this woman, or at least increase her chances to be safe and sound?

No matter what is going on in your mind, if you want to gift something to a woman and you have already been gifting a lot of stuff to her earlier, maybe it is time for you to learn about Pepperface a name that has made a difference in the lives of a lot of people. It is a company that is into the manufacturing of Pepper Sprays for all those who want to protect themselves, or others (i.e. if they gift these amazing bottles to people they love).

Want to know why gifting a pepper spray bottle can be the best thing in today’s era? Read the reasons below and you’d understand why this is something you need to purchase, gift wrap and gift to someone you respect and love from the bottom of your heart:

  • Such a bottle is not expensive: If you want to gift something less expensive to someone you adore and at the same time if you want this gift to be special, maybe a pepper spray bottle is all that you need to give.
  • It is now stylish, light in weight and beautiful: Some companies are taking efforts to make the bottles presentable.
  • It is a very unique gift:Is it not?
  • It helps in protecting all the individuals who carry it: Even if the woman is walking with her children, the pepper spray bottle can protect all of them.
  • It is an unexpected and unusual gift: It is one of the most special gifts you can ever gift to someone.
  • It expresses your concern for the woman you adore:Need we say more?

Now that you have learned about the reasons, go ahead and purchase one of the prettiest pepper spray bottles for someone you adore. It is going to change the life of the person you gift it to.

Crowdfunding for the safety of women and girls Mon, 25 Jun 2018 11:59:28 +0000 India is one of the most unsafe countries for women that is not at war. We have a significantly skewed birth ratio due to female foeticide and infanticide. Dowry though outlawed is still a very common convention and child marriage and even witch burning is still practiced in the country. Not just that domestic abuse is rampant and rape is a tool of the state. Some groups of women are more prone to being raped, for example, Dalits, Adivaasis, Kashmiri Muslims, north eastern women, mentally disabled women etc. Wait. Isn’t that a lot of women? Look, I am not claiming that other groups have it easier. Every ethnic group thinks that the honour of that group is embedded in the vagina of the women of that group. This leads to a lot of abuse. I know you will say why can’t women just be independent? But that is kind of difficult when you are being killed off in your mom’s womb.

No place is safe for a woman in India. Not even their mother’s womb. There, too, patriarchy will slither its way in and ruin the future of the girl child. It is kind of the only thing patriarchy does well – ruining lives. My point is, given the situation of women in India and women everywhere in the world it is very important to equip people with the necessary tools to root out violence from their society. How do we begin this? Where do we start talking? How do we tell the uninitiated about patriarchy and how it harms everyone? We need to organize programmes in order to talk to the people. To organize these, we need money. Here is where crowdfunding India comes in. You can tell me that women can simply be armed or be equipped to fight. My objection is that it is not a long term solution and that it does not change mindsets. If women in India are to have a moment’s peace devoid of violence, then change in mentality must come first.

How do we change existing mindsets? We go for awareness workshops. To organize these takes time, energy and money. Crowdfunding India can help with that. NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding are fairly common. If you are an NGO who wishes to hold awareness programmes you can crowdfund your venture. Impact Guru, a Harvard incubated online crowdfunding platform, will be more than glad to provide you with the necessary space. All you have to do is set up a fundraiser with us in our website. It is a very hassle free process where everything is done online. Much of the campaigning is done online by means of social media and email. Once your goal is met, the website releases your fund promptly. Crowdfunding India is a very low-risk, zero investment way to get started on your grand plans for this society. You should not miss out on making this society a better place simply out of financial aid. Remember all women and girls deserve to be safe.

Understanding The Different Types Of Clarity In A Diamond Thu, 31 May 2018 08:33:08 +0000 Diamonds are often called “a woman’s best friend” and are a symbol of love around the world. They are created over millions of years under extreme pressure and heat. The very rarest diamonds are perfect in their condition, but most have easily visible or less visible imperfections. The clarity of a diamond is a way to measure and grade its overall appearance and value. Those with the fewest blemishes and imperfections have a higher grade of clarity.

Understanding Clarity Grades

  1. Included (I1 – I2 – I3)

This represents the lowest grade of clarity in a diamond. It means that the imperfections are easily visible to the naked eye. When examined under magnification these imperfections are glaringly obvious. Because of the lower quality of these diamonds, it also means that their brilliance and overall transparency may be diminished by the imperfections.  The imperfections in this quality of diamond can also affect its durability.

Image result for Clarity In A Diamond

  1.  Slightly Included (SI1 – SI2)

This grade of diamond is somewhat higher than the one mentioned above but the imperfections are still obvious to those who are experienced with diamonds.  When the magnification of 10 times is used, the imperfections are obvious and significantly lower the value of the diamond. The imperfections in this diamond are not always easily visible to the naked eye without close inspection and without the experience to know what to look for. None the less, the imperfections are enough to reduce the overall value of the diamond.

  1. VS Included (VS1 – VS2)

The imperfections in this quality of diamond are minimal and generally not visible to the bare eye. When examined under a magnification of 10 times the imperfections do become visible. This is a quality a diamond that is often purchased and is a reasonable quality but lower than those with a higher grade of clarity.

  1.  VV Slightly Included (VVS1 – VVS2)

These are very high-quality grade diamonds and they have no visible imperfections that can be seen with the bare eye. Even when examined under a magnification of 10 times it is difficult to see the imperfections. Often even skilled examiners do not see any imperfections under the magnification of this diamond.  It takes someone with the right experience to look at this diamond under magnification to identify its imperfections. The grade of this diamond makes it highly valuable.

  1.  Internally Flawless (IF)

As the name implies, these diamonds are near flawless. Imperfections are difficult to find even by experienced graders. Even when these diamonds are viewed under magnification of 10 times their imperfections are often not seen unless examined by the most experienced graders.  97% of diamonds are a lower grade than these which makes them very valuable and desired.

  1.  Flawless (FL)

This is the highest grade diamond that you can get. Less than 1 in 5000 diamonds are graded at this level. They are very rare, highly sought-after, and desirable.


It is very important when purchasing a diamond that you do so from a person or outlet that is highly reputable such as Elizabeth Diamond Company – Jewelry. Some diamonds have been enhanced to increase their value and to reduce the visibility of imperfections. Some of the techniques that are used to accomplish this include the use of lasers to cut into the diamond so that acid can be used to reduce the visibility of those imperfections.

Diamonds that have been cracked can be filled in with material that looks similar to glass which makes the cracks less visible. There are also techniques that are used to remove tainted coloration that is otherwise visible in the diamond. These techniques are often very difficult to detect except by skilled professionals.

Things To Consider When Buying

It is important to understand when buying a diamond that you know what your goal is. If you have very little tolerance for imperfection, then you might want to go for a higher-grade diamond. But the fact is that for the average person some of the lower grade diamonds have undetectable imperfections and for most laypersons, this means that for the same price you could get a much larger diamond if you choose a lower grade.

As an example, if someone were to choose a VS2 over and SI1  it would cost them twice the price but for the average person the quality level would not be easily visible. And yet, if the person went with an SI1 they could get a considerably larger diamond that for the average person would appear to be much more valuable. So it really comes down to what the buyer values most.

For the most discerning you may want to look for a VVS2 as these represent the top ten percent of the highest quality diamonds available. It is also important to remember that the cut of the diamond and its color also play a large role in how beautiful it looks. Certain cuts will make even lower grade diamonds look attractive as the cut hides their imperfections. Some of the more popular cuts of diamonds such as the marquis, the round cut, and the oval are some that hide imperfections well and are popular.

It is also important to note that if the jeweler ever gives you a clarity range rather than a specific clarity grade, then it means the jeweler is giving you an estimate and that the diamond has not been given a certified grade. This could mean that the quality is less than you’re being led to believe. This is why it is important that you shop for diamonds knowing what your goal is.

For some, it is the true quality of the diamond and its level of rarity that matters. If that is what you are looking for, then you will want a diamond that carries a certified high grade. If you are looking for an attractive diamond that is as large as your budget will allow, then you may want to consider one with a lower grade and with a cut that hides its imperfections. Once you understand diamond grades and what it is you want in a diamond, then you can choose the one that is right for you.

Watch mechanism: Understanding quartz and mechanical movement Wed, 30 May 2018 09:44:15 +0000 There are a lot of individuals that simply love watch. It starts from a few dollars to as much as a few thousand dollars for a single watch. The variation in price depends on the manufacturer and the way it is made. One of the critical components in its making is the watch movement which is also referred to as the caliber. It is about the engine or the power house of watch and watch mechanism. There are two primary types of movements named as the quartz movement and mechanical movement.

Quartz movement

The quartz movement is very accurate and there is no particular maintenance required apart from assuring that you have a nice working battery. The quartz movement make use of battery as the primary power source. It sends signals through the quartz signals that are electrical and will create vibrations which will make your watch move. It will drive motor and assure that you have a nice running watch. The quartz movement is low cost as it is powered with the help of a battery and has only a few moving parts. However, it is not very desirable for watch lovers because of lacking technical engineering and craftsmanship. But it is still present in some of the most luxury watches that you can find around the globe.

Mechanical movement

Generally, people prefer the watches that come with mechanical movement. They are luxury timepieces and come with an immense level of craftsmanship. The mechanical movement will make use of the energy that comes from a wound spring. So, no battery is involved and the energy stored inside the spring will make the watch move. As you wound it, the energy stored in it will transfer through by moving from a set of gears and springs. With the transfer of energy through these gears and springs, the movement is initiated and it will power your watch. The basic mechanical movement has not changed much since old times. However, with the better technology, there is option of higher precision and it has given a great boost to the overall level of craftsmanship.

3 Important Features To Look For In A Customizable Promotional Umbrella Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:19:49 +0000 Businesses and marketers are always looking for low-cost mediums for advertising that can help achieve huge visibility within the shortest possible time, and with minimal effort. Promotional umbrella has been a top favorite for marketers for a long time now. Many businesses opt for promotional umbrellas from umbrella factory that can serve as a fantastic advertising medium for users. Find out about the top 3 features to have in your customizable umbrella for promotional purposes.

Double layer or double canopy

This is important if you are going to hand over larger sized umbrellas that are meant to be kept in the patio or a similar place. Double canopy umbrellas have overlapping slits, which allow inversion and reduces damage to the umbrella. Once this occurs, users can seek shelter prior to the breakage of the umbrella. Many of the modern customizable umbrellas are high enough in quality to offer protection from the wind, UV rays and heavy rain for a long time to come. These are also offered with warranty, which can keep users rest assured about their quality.

Image result for umbrella factory

Auto open and close

Check whether the umbrella can be opened and closed automatically – within a second. There is a spring technology in automatic umbrellas that makes it easy to facilitate the opening and closing. When a button is pressed is just once, the umbrella opens easily. This makes it better as compared to manual versions which take slightly longer to be closed or opened. Although not every automatic type is superior in quality, you can find a good umbrella factory offering it with warranty and the promise of durability.

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles are important when you are handing over smaller umbrellas that are supposed to be carried by users. These have:

  • C shape
  • Finger contours
  • Slim design

This lets users hold the umbrella easily for a long time, and enjoy optimal comfort even when holding it for a long time. An umbrella with a C shaped handle and having a slim grip is the best option for users who need a portable umbrella to keep them protected from the weather.

Crackle Nail Polish- tips: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 14:04:32 +0000

If you want to create a true work of art in your hands you can bet on crackle nail polish, which will give you a different and fun look. The crackle enamel is characterized by breaking into small pieces, showing the enamel we have underneath. It is very easy to apply and there are really attractive colours!

The nail polish crackle is back in fashion. Already in the 80s and 90s, they were very typical and today it is very easy to find them in different tones. They provide a sophisticated look and we recommend it if you want to vary when painting your nails. We will tell you the tricks for Using Crackle Nail Polish.

Tips for applying crackle nail polish

You can wear it easily because its procedure is quite simple. To achieve this effect you need, for example, a cracked nail polish and to apply it you should do the following:

-First, you have to use a base and another enamel or nail polish. It is very important that you let this first coat dry before applying the cracked nail polish. The choice of the colour of the base depends on the effect and tone you want to achieve. It can be contrasting to the colour of the crackle or different shades. Depending on how you choose the base nail lacquer, the colour of the crackle will look one way or another.

-Once the nails are dry it is time to apply the crackle in the colour you like. Apply a medium layer, which is neither too thick nor too thin. Pass the brush from the bottom to the top of the nail. Automatically the cracked nail polish reveals its effect, making a partition of it.

-We have to wait for it to dry to see the result in its entirety. It just takes time to enjoy this type of enamel!

-Finally, once the crackle has dried, apply a layer of clear enamel to add shine to your nails and protect them at the same time.

The technique of cracking your nails requires practice and dexterity, so you can always consider different tricks. You can look more at

Tricks on crackle nail polish

Some aspects to consider so that the result is perfect are the following:

-The crackle or the lines that are formed follow the brushstrokes with which you applied the enamel. You must take this detail into account because if you used the brush in vertical lines, the result of the cracking lines will be vertical. Depending on the type of design you want to achieve, you must apply brushstrokes in different directions.

-The finer the layer of the cracked nail polish, the more the base colour will be seen as it will create a greater fracture. In addition, you must apply a single layer of enamel because, otherwise, you will get an anti-aesthetic effect on your nails.

-With the application of bases of different colours, the same cracked nail polish results in totally different results. When combining the colours, you should keep in mind that the contrast is between the two colours, more shocking is the results

-Go very well before using the enamel. The product tends to look like cut milk due to its composition, the temperature and the rest.

Best Hair Extensions at Hottie Extension Sat, 10 Mar 2018 13:00:51 +0000 Do you know that there are many fashion bloggers are there in today’s world? The work of the fashion bloggers is to provide you the information regarding the latest fashion trend for girls as well as boys.

People use different type of beauty product for their face, hair and body to look good when they are in office, collage or any other place. However, sometimes some beauty products have some side effects by which the skin of people get destroy. Like this, these days the main issue people are facing is of hair fall. The hair fall issue can be caused due to many reasons. Mostly the hair starts falling when you use any product which does not suit your hair either some hair oil or shampoo and conditioner. The straightening or having different colors on hair also affects bad on your hairs some time. And the other reason can be a change of water, means that if you are on vacation or on any official visit to some other place other than your hometown then at some places you need to bath with hard water which is very destructive for your hairs.

Image result for Best Hair Extensions at Hottie Extension

Treatment for hair fall:

To get the treatment of hair fall people visit different doctors or beauty parlors which is very costly. However, if you want a hair extension in an affordable price and if you don’t want to use wigs then you can go for hair an extension which gives your hair a perfect look by extending hair length and volume as compared to your existing hair.

What is Hair Extension?

Hair extension is the best way to give to give your hair a natural and thick look. This is the women’s favorite to extend their hair. There are clips which get in to your hair and attached with your existing hair and provide long wear without any damage to your hair.

Leather vs. Fabric: Which is the Better Journal Cover Sat, 24 Feb 2018 08:03:07 +0000 Journaling is considered to be a great activity to channel your emotions through writing. Not only does it allow you to express yourself in words, but it also allows you to be more focused and in control of your emotions. It is an everyday activity that will be with you whenever and wherever you go. With that said, you need to have the perfect journal that will encourage you to write more. A lot of factors can help in inspiring you to be more religious in your diary writing. One of them, of course, is the cover.

There are a lot of pretty journal covers available at sites like for you to choose from. However, if you need to think more about what kind of journal should you carry with you on a daily basis, choosing between leather and fabric covers may be very tricky. Don’t worry, we are here to help you narrow down your options.


Price Comparison

An article from has revealed that leather was once cheaper than fabric. This was one of the reasons why having a leather journal seemed more practical back then. However, as time went by, fabric became a lot more affordable while leather became more expensive. That didn’t mean that leather journals were immediately unfavored by people. In fact, people are still willing to pay for quality leather journals over fabric journals because they are more convenient to bring around. Therefore, if you are thinking of short-term journaling, then a fabric journal may work perfectly for you. If you are thinking long-term, leather journals may be pricier but they are more durable.


Durability Test

Leather journals are no doubt more durable, are water resistant, and it is easier to wipe off dirt and dust from them. Unlike fabric covers, which are not only sensitive when it comes to liquids (as it can absorb the color of the liquid into the fabric), they might also develop a certain unpleasing odor. Although leather notebooks may have the tendency to crack over time, they are far more flexible than fabric-covered journals. Fabric journals usually have cardboard or wood to retain their shape. Leather, on the other hand, are soft and is not easily torn apart. Therefore, if you want your journal to withstand a lot of activities, leather journals are your best friend. However, if you are in it for the design more than anything, a fabric journal is ideal.


Better Design

You definitely want your journal to be something you are in love with. Like a diary, it holds a lot of your secrets and plays a big role in keeping your thoughts together. It will be a part of your daily routine; thus, its design is important. Most people would prefer a personalized design for their journal covers. It is much easier to create a custom design using fabric. In fact, some websites on the internet will teach you how to make your own fabric journal cover.

While fabric will give you more freedom in terms of design, that does not immediately mean that leather covers can’t be fun. You can emboss your name on your leather cover, or put some stickers on it. It is also possible to get your leather cover in your favorite color if you don’t want to go for the classic ones. It really depends on your personal preference. In this case, choosing the best design is very crucial because it will also dictate your journal’s probable lifespan.

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But then again, a journal is not necessarily a book and only you can judge your own thoughts. By the end of the day, you would want your innermost thoughts to be enveloped with something that will keep it safe and intact. There is nothing safer than a journal cover that you feel comfortable with.

]]> Men’s T Shirts – An excellent option to be comfortable Thu, 08 Feb 2018 09:01:27 +0000 Not everyone always wears a suit and tie, there are people who at certain times leave formality aside and decide to wear a shirt. Nowadays, the use of this piece of clothing is so common, that it has been adapted to all spaces and work environments. From famous artists to the most popular actors of the big screen, athletes and, in general, the majority of citizens, wear this garment in their daily lives.

This piece of clothing is known by different names in various countries, T-Shirt, flannel or shirt. Its use dates back to the ancient Egyptians, is also used by warriors in the Middle Ages. From the 18th century, it was used as protection for the skin. In the twentieth century began to be used as part of male underwear and could not be shown in public.

Over the years it became more and more common to use this piece among athletes and military for its comfort since it had no closures or buttons and the material was light enough, easy to wash and dry. Little by little, it became known among the youth and became a daily garment. The designers began to modify it by placing images on the front, as a way to promote products, personalities, etc. In many cases, they lengthened the sleeves to turn them into comfortable sweaters, including pockets and hoods.

Image result for Men’s T Shirts - An excellent option to be comfortable

The t-shirts in “883 Police” are of vital importance, since they are a fundamental part of our product line, since they integrate perfectly with jeans and jackets, being a piece with a great variety of designs.

At 883 Police Mens T Shirts you will find the result of more than two decades of experience, achieving the most spectacular shirts for the current gentleman, who seeks to adjust his clothes with the dizzying pace of life. They are made with cotton fibers, which do not lose their shape or discolor with the passage of time. We have a team of designers with extensive knowledge in materials to make T-Shirts, which have given us recognition in Europe, Asia, and America, taking our shirts to all corners of the planet.

Our Avalon collection is inspired by the classic shirt with a decorated on the sleeves and a pocket on the front, which can be combined with any color and with all styles; as well as Via and Eli Pure, which are simple and easy to carry.

The Mantua, Lowa, Chand, Daley, Tyson and Lawson collections present beautiful decorations with brand logos and other motifs, made with high definition graphics and designs of unbeatable beauty. The Ludwig Dye Effect Orange model consists of an effect of degradation of the orange color in the upper part until it becomes light gray. Dela and Crew models come in white, black, gray, light purple and do not present graphics.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should try the Powell long sleeves, with small embroidery on the upper left, in black, white and blue. Also, you can wear the Lomas Khaki Det with details on the sides, which will make you feel safe to have a unique garment. All prints are made with the latest technology, guaranteeing durability in the piece.

Shop With Trend And Style With Learning About Modern Fashion Thu, 18 Jan 2018 13:05:40 +0000 When you love to wear the Fashion and trend wardrobes then you require the right updated information to the extent.  Onlywardrobe online website is loaded with the massive information about full of dresses, makeup, shoes, swimsuits, and all other fashion trends that would make you get prominent inspiration. Go shopping with the latest information and trend given on the Onlywardrobe online so that it would be quite easier for getting more information. Of course, with the prominent information updated on the website, it is convenient to select items for your “wardrobe” and it is much easier to create the storyboard as well as publish them on the website. When you like to have the best and entertainment with the fun then you can explore the work of other people. In fact, you can also find out much information about the heavy advertising along with the high photo-to-writing ratio that is quite efficient for enabling high-end benefits.  You can also find the waifish, models wearing ridiculously expensive as well as bizarre costumes with headlines that would seem as pitchy as well as shallow. With knowing more information and celebrities posing the designer gowns along the tips of the modern fashion trends. Fashion has evolved a lot over time and it is quite easier to improve the modern look to the maximum.

Image result for Shop With Trend And Style With Learning About Modern Fashion

Trend Forecasts For The Season:

Fashion becomes increasingly accessible over time so it is much easier to learn more about the modern trends to the high excellence. Access the online website and efficiently broaden the vision beyond society and it becomes the genre that helps to celebrate the street style and being “basic”. In fact, it is much more likely to tackle all the serious events along with handling the series issues of the modern day with showcasing to next feather. Modern Fast fashion and trends have attained the controversial for its practice with reproducing the carbon copies of the designer with the fraction based on the cost. Arguably democratized fashion also efficiently makes the threads featured based on the page of the fashion magazine with the anonymous author who ridiculed over next century in much more affordable aspects. In case you want to shop for the purchase, you can conveniently get more information about each trend of clothes and set along with right prices as well as information about where to purchase them. There are a lot of style advices with running the contests enabling more aspects to the maximum.