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Congratulations on your wedding! It is the time of excitement and endless ‘to-dos.’ There is countless planning, shopping (and bargaining), partying, running around, follow-ups, fittings and menu tastings. The list is never-ending. This is true for especially the Indian bride and groom, for whom, wedding festivities start way before the wedding and often, do not end without a spillover!

It is also the time when you lose track of where your hard-earned money is going. While there is no limit to how much you can spend on weddings, for some, this is a time where they may lose the savings of their lifetime. One of the many components which take a lot of resources (or can save you a lot of resources), is your wedding invitations. There are options galore waiting for you to choose from, but if you are looking for choices to save you some of your money, we are here to assist you in your hunt. Read on to know about our experts’ advice on cost saving invitations.

Option One – Go Online
There is a whole world of online cards out there that are standard, and therefore, economical. They may not have the bling, or the emboss, but they serve their primary purpose – of inviting your loved ones to share your happiness with them. Further, the cost of cards can be substantially controlled by regulating factors like paper type, the number of colors and types of printing (gloss, matte, embossed, etc.). If you want to control the cost even further, consider sending an e-card! Its quick, easy and free!

Print Your Own
It may sound like a very time-consuming option but trust us! This is the easiest way you can choose to cut down on cost. With so many easy-to-customize options available over the internet, all you have to do is zero down on what you like the most and customize. Get extra help in selecting, if you like. Remember, to save time and effort, have the same standard card for everyone! We know that you might want to send personalized cards to each person. However, it might be best to have the same, standard card for everyone, printed the same way. This will save you the trouble later in shipping as well. Once your card format is ready, take it in a pdf and find a printer! Yes, it is that easy!

One tip – one of the most important things that almost all matrimonial sites would propagate would be to print some extras, for just-in-case scenarios! And trust us, you should do it.

Go Unconventional
Who says cards have to be printed and posted? Agreed, more often than not, we are used to seeing cards that are printed. But there are a lot of innovative ideas that can be used instead. For example, for a beach wedding, you could add sand to your card, or for a gurudwara wedding, find a way to add a verse from the Guru Granth Sahib, the religious text for the Sikhs.
There are other options available too (look for matrimony related articles or magazines). For example, invest in a good handmade sheet and some DIY tutorials to create a card that will show your flair for creativity, and at the same time, save you thousands of rupees.

So, do some research and save thousands!

5 Most Common Bridesmaid Problems That Might Occur Fri, 16 Jun 2017 13:18:46 +0000 Being asked to be the bridesmaid of a wedding is a big deal and it should not be taken lightly. Besides the usual things that you will be expected to do, you should also make sure that you help your bride pick out a dress for you and the other bridesmaids. You can influence her decision and help her choose an amazing dress from the Canberra bridesmaid dresses.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong before, during and even after the wedding, which is why you should always be prepared. Even if many of these do not always occur, it is important to know which are the most common problems that bridesmaids have to deal with.

Talk to your bride calmly if you have any issues

  1. Who buys the dress?

While brides tend to be the ones who pick out the dress themselves, you can always influence their ideas, as it was mentioned earlier. This can sometimes spike an argument between the bride and the bridesmaids especially if you are the one who will pay for your dress.

If the bride is the one who will be paying for the dresses, all you need to make sure is that she is happy with what she picked out for you and that the dress fits you. However, if you are going to be the one who will pay for the dress, make sure o talk to your bride about the choice.

  1. Additional costs

This should already be fairly obvious, but as a bridesmaid, or the Maid of Honor, you will be required to pay for some additional costs as well. These usually include the organization for the bridal shower, hen’s party and other similar occasions.

  1. You might not be involved in the wedding planning

Many brides like to have their bridesmaids completely involved in the planning of the wedding, but sometimes they like to do everything by themselves. When a bride has more than one bridesmaid, she may not ask for every opinion before making a decision, and this is not something that should make you angry.

  1. Expect many emails, texts and calls

As a bridesmaid, you should always be reachable, which means that you can expect a lot of calls, texts and emails from your bride. It is important that you stay as dependable as possible, since your bride might run into an unexpected problem that only you can help her with.

Make sure that your bride can reach you 24/7

Being the calm one is your job, so no matter what happens you can’t panic. Keep your bride stress-free, while simultaneously trying to find a way to fix the problem. Problems can happen before, during and after the ceremony, so be prepared!

  1. Beware of the bridezilla moments

Even brides can become the bridezillas and you are here to snap them out of it. Sometimes, when a bride is too self-absorbed, she is not able to see what is happening around her, and it is your job to help her understand. Try not to take anything personal, as she might just be too stressed or nervous.

Final word

In the end, it is your job to find the compromise that will make everyone happy. The most common problem is the choosing of the dresses, since thebride is supposed to pick the dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls as well. If you need any suggestions, you can try browsing for flower girl designer dresses at Bridesmaids Only store.

Step by step instructions to Choose a Wedding Cake Thu, 01 Dec 2016 10:52:11 +0000 The wedding cake is effectively the focal point of the wedding gathering. For the lady of the hour and the prep, the wedding cake is a staggeringly essential piece of their experience. For the individuals who are going to the gathering, the wedding cake is the main thing that they search for. Individuals anticipate that the wedding cake will be excellent and lovely, and anticipate seeing what the wedding cake resembles.

The staggering significance of the outline of the wedding cake can bring about a major issue for the general population who are arranging the wedding. They have to make sense of precisely what the lady and the prep need to find in the cake. Regularly, an official choice as to which wedding cake to run with, and which style to pick, is a hard battled choice. There are a couple of things that you can do to make your wedding cake picking process simple and straightforward.

Know your Numbers

At last, the most imperative part of picking the wedding cake is knowing the quantity of individuals will’s identity at the gathering. You need to ensure that you have enough cake to guarantee that everybody can have a cut in the event that they longing to. This will help you to see how much cake should be in the plan, which will at last change the look of the cake.

Attempt the Actual Cake

For the individuals who are getting hitched, a standout amongst the most imperative parts of the wedding cake is the real taste. Picking the kind of the cake is inconceivably vital, as you might need to pick a top choice, and might need to ensure the cake tastes useful for the visitors.

Love and Heart Themed Wedding Favors Sat, 01 Oct 2016 10:52:14 +0000 A standout amongst the most prevalent wedding favors are the adoration and heart themed favors, for clear reasons.

Weddings are a standout amongst the most hard to arrange occasions in a man’s life, since they are so individual and in the meantime there are such a large number of points of interest and fastidious pieces that should be precisely arranged. In the event that you are arranging a wedding, consider enrolling a wedding organizer to help you with your enormous day-they won’t let any detail be overlooked.

One vital bit of your huge day is the wedding support. Wedding favors are little tokens that the lady of the hour and prepare offer to the visitors at their wedding, and they are typically put and their table setting at the gathering. Wedding remembrances are imperative since they create an impression with respect to the class and style of your wedding and they are an extremely individual path for visitors to recollect your wedding festivity.

Consider some of these adoration and heart themed wedding favors for your enormous day:

Adore themed jam blades

Jam blades are an incredible wedding support since they arrive in a wide assortment of various sorts. One awesome thought for an adoration themed jam blade is a blade set that has heart enrichments on them. You could likewise consider coupling your blade set with some sort of spreadable like stick or nectar margarine.

Heart molded dish

A porcelain or heart molded dish is another incredible thought for an affection themed wedding support. Consider a white heart formed dished with some sort of etching on it. Individuals regularly imprint love quotes, sonnets, or even the date and area of their enormous day. These are awesome tokens since they are valuable and rich.