Goggles give protection to your eyes

Snow goggle is a form of protective eyewear that protects your eyes from harmful ultra- violet and brightening rays of the sun and from cold and wind. They helps to increase contrast in dim light to avoid obstacles and bumps. Today, snowboard goggles are functioning more digitally as compared to your first car. You can track your own speed and elevation by pairing up your goggles with phone through Bluetooth, where they can combine with other apps.

Some features of modern goggle

  • Double lenses – It is the cheapest of all goggles. It has a gap between the two lenses which help to prevent the fog on inner side of the lens.
  • Adjustable straps – It provides easy adjustable straps to fit your helmet quickly.
  • Cylindrical lenses – It helps to reflect rays from sun to improve vision.
  • Comfortable face-foam – It comforts your face to wear it all day long and also protects from loads spread in the snow.
  • UV protection – It gives protection against ultra-violet rays for your safety and comfort.

Correct form of vision for snowboarding

There are many Prescription eyewear for those who have vision problem. There is a little mount inside the goggles that holds a special frame where the prescription lens can be inserted. It is a kind of glass that is built inside the goggles. Be careful to use the regular glasses because fog can easily enter into the lens and it can cause headache to some people having high prescriptions. It is recommended to wear contact lenses but if you are not comfortable with them then you can go for prescription inserts.

However, if you are comfortable wearing contacts, it is the best. You need not to wear your glasses inside the goggles. By wearing contact lens, you will face no problem related to fog and experience an amazing and correct vision.

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