3 Important Features To Look For In A Customizable Promotional Umbrella

Businesses and marketers are always looking for low-cost mediums for advertising that can help achieve huge visibility within the shortest possible time, and with minimal effort. Promotional umbrella has been a top favorite for marketers for a long time now. Many businesses opt for promotional umbrellas from umbrella factory that can serve as a fantastic advertising medium for users. Find out about the top 3 features to have in your customizable umbrella for promotional purposes.

Double layer or double canopy

This is important if you are going to hand over larger sized umbrellas that are meant to be kept in the patio or a similar place. Double canopy umbrellas have overlapping slits, which allow inversion and reduces damage to the umbrella. Once this occurs, users can seek shelter prior to the breakage of the umbrella. Many of the modern customizable umbrellas are high enough in quality to offer protection from the wind, UV rays and heavy rain for a long time to come. These are also offered with warranty, which can keep users rest assured about their quality.

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Auto open and close

Check whether the umbrella can be opened and closed automatically – within a second. There is a spring technology in automatic umbrellas that makes it easy to facilitate the opening and closing. When a button is pressed is just once, the umbrella opens easily. This makes it better as compared to manual versions which take slightly longer to be closed or opened. Although not every automatic type is superior in quality, you can find a good umbrella factory offering it with warranty and the promise of durability.

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles are important when you are handing over smaller umbrellas that are supposed to be carried by users. These have:

  • C shape
  • Finger contours
  • Slim design

This lets users hold the umbrella easily for a long time, and enjoy optimal comfort even when holding it for a long time. An umbrella with a C shaped handle and having a slim grip is the best option for users who need a portable umbrella to keep them protected from the weather.

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