Baby Hygiene Awareness – Are Baby Powders Safe For Use

Many baby powder products are made from talc or corn starch. They are mostly used to keep the baby’s skin dry and rash free around the diapers. Some studies have recently shown that the use of baby powders may lead to respiratory problems or cause genital carcinoma.

The health effects of using baby powders daily.

The results are inconclusive and there both pros and cons to this product.

The possible two most dangers biological problems are:

  1. Respiratory problems: the tiny particles in baby powders have proven to damage the lugs as the infant breathes it in. The inhalation of talc might lead to symptoms of asthma or pneumonia in sensitive newborns in case of excessive usage.
  1. Cancer: the connection between talc usage and cancer is still quite not proved. There have been reports of ovarian cancer in women to use talc excessively.

Although the studies are inconclusive there is no harm in some prevention

Safe methods of using baby powders

Extra caution should be taken while using them especially in the case of female newborns. Limited and necessary usage is the key. To prevent the inhalation from applying the power away from the baby’s eyes and the nose is safe.

Are there any safe way powders available in the market?

The quick solution to this problem is to use high quality or talcum free baby powders such as the Shiseido pressed powder[แป้ง พัฟ shiseido, which is the term in Thai]. And the good ones help in avoiding chafing or rashes around the area since a newborn’s skin is highly delicate and sensitive and the use of diapers might cause much discomfort.

There are various other uses of baby powders :

1.As a dry shampoo

  1. To remove sand
  2. To remove grease stains
  3. To prevent chafing
  4. To ease the after-wax pain
  5. To freshen up the closet
  6. To cool bedsheets

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