Biker Patches and How to Wear Them?

Patches are becoming more popular these years because it is a great way to express your style. There is a patch for everyone, and you can also create some yourself. Popular brands like Gucci are also using them for their clothing lines. You still need to have some sense of design when you want to make your own and place it on a jacket or on jeans. Even if sometimes it looks like it’s everywhere, every piece has its own place.

How and where you place it is very important when it comes to biker patches. The same goes for military patches, but they have different meanings behind the symbol. You can see some bikers wearing symbols that are similar to the army, but what they represent isn’t the same. Patches are a very important part of each motorcycle club. You can find online many types and maybe find the one that you like and use it for your jacket. To read more, click here.

Patches for Biker Colors

The patches on the colors that bikers wear are a very important aspect of what they represent. Every time they are on the road, they need to wear these leather jackets with the symbols of their motorcycle club. People say that the first time they set these rules was in the 60s, but some clubs were formed even earlier. Every symbol has a meaning behind it, and represent what kind of group they are. After bikers, many subcultures started to take this idea to represent something and made their own.

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Each piece on the color symbolizes some kind of rank, the location of the club, is it the outlaw club, and the logo. The most important pieces are placed on the back. They are usually embroidered patches sewed on the jacket. There are pieces that represent something that a certain rider did in his life which is usually associated with something against the law. Only outlaw clubs have these patches.

Placing the Patches

When a biker is riding, it is easier to see what is on his back than in front. The main symbol is the logo and it is placed in the middle with the MC sign. The MC is always black or red depending on which better suits the logo. The most used symbol is a skeleton head. Above it should be a club name. You can use here some interesting quote instead of the name.

Under the logo is the location of the group, the city or the country. Even if you are in the same group, you can have a different region because many clubs are from different regions. Outlaw clubs are using the 1% sign in front, but you shouldn’t wear this if you are not the part of them. They have strict rules and you can get in trouble if you use this patch. Under it is your nickname or title. Read more on this page.

When to Wear the Patch?

Because these groups are very strict about who and how wears their patches, you have to take care if you are visiting their region. If you aren’t a part of the club and you are wearing their jacket, you will have a problem with them. So, it is better to use it as a fashion design than act like you are a biker.

Some of the designs like Hells Angels and Bandidos are really great and you can use them for your shirts, but you need to respect what they are doing. You can copy their patches, and you can take their idea and make a similar logo for your clothes. It can look really good on leather jackets and the jacket will be more noticeable.

Types of Biker Patches

There are three main types, one-piece patch, two-piece, and three-piece back patch. The first one means that you belong to a certain club or organization. On them, you can see the location, the logo, and the name. The second one is the transition between first and third where you have to go through a certain process to move up the ladder.

The third type is used among the clubs that have more serious rules and standards. The members need to go through a rough initiation in order to join the club. With wearing the three-piece back patch, they want to stand out from other mainstream one-piece patch groups. An interesting thing is that you shouldn’t ever interrupt a conversation with the patch holders.

Popular Biker Patches

If you want to have a biker-inspired patch, you may look at the logo of Mongols MC. It is a Mongolian man riding a motorcycle, and the design is animated. If you want to use some hardcore symbol, Bandidos are using a Mexican man with a gun and machete and a sombrero. They are an outlaw club, so the machete and a gun are the symbols for tough guys that are in the group.

Sometimes the symbols may differ even if the club is the same. The Outlaws are very popular around the world, but the logo which is a Skull is different in America and England. Devil Dolls poses one of the interesting designs because it is a female club and the logo is an attractive red woman that represents the devil.

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