Five Advantages Of Textile Sublimation

Surely, you’ve heard of sublimated shirts, but you may not know what they are exactly. In this article. We will tell you five advantages of textile sublimation to understand why most printing workshops adopt it.

What Are Sublimated T-Shirts?

The printing textile sublimation is a relatively new technique that is used in white polyester garments for their many advantages. The advantages that textile sublimation offer include the following:

1.- Unlimited Color Printing

It doesn’t matter what you want to reproduce; there is no color limitation. That is why it is ideal for making polo t-shirts with logos of many different tones and colors, photos, illustrations, or drawings. It is a type of printing widely used in racing shirts in which you have to reproduce the logos of several sponsors.

2.- Total Breathability

Something highly valued in training shirts is that they are breathable so that you can continue with the exercise with the most exceptional comfort. In t-shirts with sublimation, the design does not cover the pores of the 100% polyester fabric, and it remains fully breathable.

3.- High Photographic Quality

Sublimation allows you to print designs on t-shirts with maximum image quality, with great detail, and with an incredible definition. With this method, the best photographic quality is achieved with a high level of detail, whether it is an image or an illustration.

4.- Print That Is Not Deleted

We all want our printed shirts to last as long as possible without deteriorating, erasing, or cracking. The sublimated polyester fabric does not spoil no matter how much you wear and wash the shirts.

5.- Neither Photoliths Nor Screens

Unlike screen printing which requires a few preliminary steps before stamping, sublimation is quick and easy to apply. We just need a design at the highest possible quality to be printed and ironed and ready.

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