Make Your Engagement Ring Non Traditional by Adding Pearl That Symbolizes Purity

Engagement ring makes a relationship between a couple strong. Engagement ring is worn for entire life to show dedication, loyalty and love towards your spouse. However, nobody wants to wear an out-dated ring entire life. Trends keep changing. Once gold was considered a trademark in jewellery, later it moved to diamonds and now to make engagement rings more outstanding couples prefer including pearls in it.

Pearls are acquired from mollusc family. All sorts of dirt in the sea when enters the oyster, it is wrapped with nacre. Nacre coats several layers on the dirt which helps in formation of the gem this pearl is then sold to jewellers. However, with increasing demand of pearls in the market, now oyster farmers are placing grain or dirt in the shell to develop pearls. Since so much of hard work is required to get one pearl out of a shell, pearl ring or any other accessory is considered classy, royal and gives a dainty outlook.

Here are some special reasons of getting a unique pearl engagement ring –

  • No matter what the occasion is, pearl can enhance any look.
  • Pearl engagement ring adds sophistication as well as beauty.
  • It is eye catching jewellery.
  • Pearls are made naturally and their shine is permanent, when attached to an engagement ring, it signifies an everlasting relationship.
  • Pearls are generally white in colour which signifies purity and peace.
  • In Vedic history pearl is formed with Earth’s water and heaven’s power thus it is called the daughter of Moon.
  • Astrologically pearl is associated with Planet Venus because it is said that it is symbolizes goddess of love.

Hence, pearl is considered the Queen of Gems which means it depicts purity, harmony, perfection, generosity, incorruptibility, loyalty and humility.

There are four kinds of pearl available in the market –

  • The natural pearl found in the Japan coastal region is the Akoya pearl. Generally, it is white in colour, but you may also find other options in blue and gold as well.
  • Freshwater pearls are commonly available and have more shine than Akoya pearl.
  • Tahitian pearls or the black pearls are very valuable. This pearl is harvested in French Polynesia.
  • South sea pearl is obtained from Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.

Pearl has been in demand since decades. Kings and queens wore jewellery made of pearl and all the pearls were of same size and shape. It signified royalty and amount of wealth a person holds. Today, pearl has got back the same importance.

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