Men’s T Shirts – An excellent option to be comfortable

Not everyone always wears a suit and tie, there are people who at certain times leave formality aside and decide to wear a shirt. Nowadays, the use of this piece of clothing is so common, that it has been adapted to all spaces and work environments. From famous artists to the most popular actors of the big screen, athletes and, in general, the majority of citizens, wear this garment in their daily lives.

This piece of clothing is known by different names in various countries, T-Shirt, flannel or shirt. Its use dates back to the ancient Egyptians, is also used by warriors in the Middle Ages. From the 18th century, it was used as protection for the skin. In the twentieth century began to be used as part of male underwear and could not be shown in public.

Over the years it became more and more common to use this piece among athletes and military for its comfort since it had no closures or buttons and the material was light enough, easy to wash and dry. Little by little, it became known among the youth and became a daily garment. The designers began to modify it by placing images on the front, as a way to promote products, personalities, etc. In many cases, they lengthened the sleeves to turn them into comfortable sweaters, including pockets and hoods.

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The t-shirts in “883 Police” are of vital importance, since they are a fundamental part of our product line, since they integrate perfectly with jeans and jackets, being a piece with a great variety of designs.

At 883 Police Mens T Shirts you will find the result of more than two decades of experience, achieving the most spectacular shirts for the current gentleman, who seeks to adjust his clothes with the dizzying pace of life. They are made with cotton fibers, which do not lose their shape or discolor with the passage of time. We have a team of designers with extensive knowledge in materials to make T-Shirts, which have given us recognition in Europe, Asia, and America, taking our shirts to all corners of the planet.

Our Avalon collection is inspired by the classic shirt with a decorated on the sleeves and a pocket on the front, which can be combined with any color and with all styles; as well as Via and Eli Pure, which are simple and easy to carry.

The Mantua, Lowa, Chand, Daley, Tyson and Lawson collections present beautiful decorations with brand logos and other motifs, made with high definition graphics and designs of unbeatable beauty. The Ludwig Dye Effect Orange model consists of an effect of degradation of the orange color in the upper part until it becomes light gray. Dela and Crew models come in white, black, gray, light purple and do not present graphics.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should try the Powell long sleeves, with small embroidery on the upper left, in black, white and blue. Also, you can wear the Lomas Khaki Det with details on the sides, which will make you feel safe to have a unique garment. All prints are made with the latest technology, guaranteeing durability in the piece.

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