What Is A Fabric Bag Screen?

A fabric bag screen has got a beauty of its own. It truly enhances the pleasure of shopping besides being extremely useful. A fabric bag generally carries the logo and name of the business enterprise from where the items have been purchased. The screen printing enables the pictures of the items along with their highlights of the products that appear on the bag. As the customer is said to be your best salesperson, it is proved by he or she carrying the name and message of the business enterprise loud and clear with the fabric shopping bag.

So let us get to know more about this versatile product in Thailand.

Cloth Bag Manufacturers

Many fabric bag manufacturers make fabric bag screen [สกรีนกระเป๋าผ้า, which is the term in Thai] as per the customers’ orders.

Quality of Material

The fabric of this item is made from polyester as well as natural fibers. These materials are very soft, are of excellent condition, slightly thin, slippery, light-weight, extremely durable, attractive because of vibrant, colorful designs, easily foldable and economically priced. These qualities come in handy because of their low weight and durability for carrying merchandise with ease.

Various Styles

These bags are made of various materials in different forms. These come as banner bags, calico bags, spun-bonded, woven, solon cloth, canvas bags, and premium-grade fabric bags.

Different Sizes

These bags have been manufactured in different sizes ranging from 12.5×13.5, 16×14, 16×14 with extensions and many more.

Economical Price

Price of these items are very much cheap and is, therefore, budget-friendly.

Personalised Designs

These bags can be manufactured with personalised designs of the customers. These are generally business organisations that get benefitted because of the natural spread of their name, logo, and product information displayed on the fabric bag. These bags can be quickly and beautifully designed online. The vast range of colours is available to be chosen, which enhances its appeal.

Quick Process

Screen printing is fast and very easy. There are fast and efficient machines to carry out the job of screen printing as per the design approved by the customer. Because of high production, the delivery time is short. Even with a heavy workload, it does not take more than 15-20 days for the delivery.  

These colourful shopping bags from Thailand are not only beautiful but are also lightweight, durable, and easy to carry around.

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