Why Should You Customize a Ring?

Jewelry has been an object of great value for centuries. Many people love giving and getting jewelry. It retains value over time. It helps make any outfit the person wears look even better. A necklace can serve as a memory of a special day such as a high school graduation or a wedding day.

Art and Personality 

For most people, a piece of jewelry is both something of art and personality as it is often fitted to their specific personal tastes. Creating a piece of custom jewelry has many advantages including the ability to create something special and unique as well as the opportunity to show someone you love that you really understand their tastes. When thinking about commissioning such items, there are multiple factors to consider like the type of metal you’d like to use. Gems you’d like to add to your custom jewelry and other details such as an inscription are a couple other options. I can help you choose a custom ring design.

Custom Ring Design 

Most men propose to a woman with a ring. Many people choose to buy a ring when they graduate from high school or college in order to have something that will help them directly recall their personal academic achievements. In many instances, you will want to create a ring that is all about your experiences in your life. Customizing a ring allows someone like you to have a wedding ring that will look great on your finger and remind you of the day you got married. You will have a ring that no one else has, so you can show your uniqueness. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life. As that might be several decades, you want something that you will love and that will continue to look great.

The Material

Metal forms the base of most rings. You can pick from many kinds of metal when designing a ring. For example, with Hur Jewelers, you can choose from platinum, rose, white, yellow or mixed gold. Color is what may distinguish one kind of metal from another. Silver has a subtle sheen to it. Gold tends to have more sparkle. Platinum is more costly but also really shines. Each metal also has different properties. Silver, for example, is highly durable and works with many types of gemstones. Gold is more costly but more easy to damage the purer it is.


Rings are an ideal piece of jewelry to have engraved. An engraving is usually a special message carved into the ring. It can be anything from initials to a longer message of several words. Any engraving will be done during the process of creating the ring. You should think about the message you want on the ring before you start. This may include an inspirational saying that has meaning in your life or a reference to a place that you have visited in life that reminds of a wonderful trip you’ve taken in the past. The engraving process is simple and quick.


There are many different kinds of gemstones you can use in your ring design. The type of gemstone you want to use will vary depending on several factors. For example, a diamond adds light and flair to any ring. Most people love how white diamonds shine in the light, but many people prefer other gemstones. A dark, deep ruby with bright shades of red helps add a lot of flair and delightful color to any ring. The same is true of many other kinds of gemstones we offer including emeralds, moonstones, turquoises and amethysts as well as jade and garnets.

The Finished Custom Ring 

A ring that you create is one that will show off your personality and sense of style every time you put it on your finger. I know that you want something of lasting value that has meaning and looks great. You’re getting a piece of jewelry that you can have to wear both for special occasions and as part of your own everyday wardrobe at the same time.

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